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Di Pierro visits Steel Mountain's Albany facility, examining a Raspberry Pi wired into the climate control system.

Afterwards, she returns to the FBI's secure floor at the E Corp Headquarters.

The next morning, Dom confers with her colleagues in the hotel lobby, disappointed that fingerprints could not be recovered from the Raspberry Pi.

She has a kid brother, Joseph, for whom she rolled joints in high school.

On June 17, Dom is reading about the murder of Gideon at 4 in the morning while watching reality TV in bed.

She gets ready for work, fixing her hair and makeup while drinking coffee, and stares blankly into the mirror.

Forensics specialists search the premises, finding a single spent bullet casing.

The team are tracking down people who attended the party from the social media evidence and looking into the name "DJ Mobley." Di Pierro's report on the arcade is submitted into evidence, where it is shared in the joint investigation with the Chinese Ministry for State Security.

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