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But it quickly becomes clear that, for her, food is a gateway for speaking about her own life and the ways in which we interact as a culture.When we huddle in a green room after the panel, our conversation spans gender equity on , her work with the endometriosis foundation she launched in 2008, the reaction women get when they speak out about gender issues, her reasoning for coming forward with the story of her rape at age 16 earlier this year, and Mario Batali and how redemption might look in this phase of the Time’s Up movement. “It’s a way to give reason to random or senseless pain, so you’re turning pain into power to help others hopefully have an easier time of it than you had of it,” she says.Her reaction might as well be a sledgehammer on the hopes and dreams of ’s reality-TV hopefuls, who see her face and suspect they might as well “pack up their knives and go” right then and there.But unlike so many other reality-TV personalities, who dial up their candor in a way that demeans and belittles their show’s contestants, Lakshmi’s criticism, while sometimes harsh, is delivered with respect.“The reason we all cook is for that ‘” in response.

I just want to level the playing field.” Lakshmi was born in Madras (now Chennai) India, but moved to the United States with her mother, who separated from her father and needed to start a new life away from the country’s stigma against divorce.After DNA testing and a custody battle, her ex, Adam Dell, turned out to be the father of their daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell."I'm going to own my history," she said. and the contestant was overly zealous with the salt, your palate puckers at home on the couch, practically tasting the briny travesty through Lakshmi’s recoil and wide eyes.And said she had no business leaving her husband and should put up with it? At that point, she had only authored one cookbook, “and the truth is that it was a very small book,” she laughs.It was chef Eric Ripert who encouraged her to own her international palate and unique perspective she brought to judging as a food writer, not professional chef.

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