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Measures of personality were collected from a sample of married couples before they met and twice after they were married. Galen Buckwalter (both of e Harmony; the following conflict of interest disclosure appears at the bottom of the title page: “The reader should be aware that the authors are employed by, and have a financial interest in the success of, e, Inc.”).

Nor was I able to find any published research in an online literature review.

Online dating is a huge business, with dozens of websites offering people the chance to find love in cyberspace.

Like many services for which there is competition, online dating sites struggle to distinguish their services from all the others.

Also, please provide references to any published studies or research by Neil Clark Warren on the subject of relationships, marriage, or compatibility.” Breton (2011) responded with a lengthy (1,400-word) email that read like boilerplate copy lifted from a press release.

Breton mostly addressed questions I had not asked, including whether e Harmony’s tests improved the chances of a match; whether e Harmony offers services to same-sex partners; how e Harmony measures the quality of their services; whether e Harmony clients were satisfied with their services and matches, and so on.

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The popular online dating site e Harmony claims that its matching methods are both successful and scientific.

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