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The venue is right, and I get to the place only to find that the music is louder or the light has dimmed.One date I remembered meeting for the first time after getting her number at bar with friends, the venue was perfect until the lights went down.Like searching for a job, we have online search engines for a date.The question I face is whether I should put I’m deaf on my profile, it is like putting it on my resume.This may sound wrong, but for me, there is a subconscious fear in my mind that if I don’t get it right, then I would not leave an impression at all on her as a life partner.By doing this, looking back on this, I may have caused more harm than good.It is very easy for me or anyone to not blame my hearing loss, it should not be a factor in the dating game like my employment search? I have reflected on my dating experiences and I must confess that there were times when my hearing loss may have let me down or caused serious doubts in my dates to pursue the relationship further.Lets’ look at a few situations that I have experienced which may help others to not make the same errors.

I do confess that my competitiveness to succeed in my career and achieve to be the best in the sporting area may have deterred some women.I must confess, I am currently at the time of writing this blog single.I’ve never been married (I still have hope), and am in fact actively dating to find Miss Right.Recently in a conversation with friends, I was asked about my experience of dating as a deaf person who uses his hearing devices.My immediate response was, it’s like a job interview with challenges that require thought and tact, with my hearing loss thrown in, to impress the lady on a date.

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