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However, although we speak of accommodation, this should not be something done artificially.

An elder must have a thorough, diligent, and stable character.

It does so by recreating accommodation similar to your eye’s natural lens.

The unique Crystalens can reduce or eliminate glasses for most activities including: reading a book, working on the computer, and driving a car. Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances.

Performing over 1400 cataract procedures a year, Dr.Dear brothers and sisters, this is not a great doctrine.However, I have full assurance, and I can lay down my life to guarantee that if an elder is not a thorough, diligent, stable person, and is not concerned for others, neither accommodating others all the time, he will never function well as an elder.Crystalens dynamically adjusts to your visual needs.In the aging eye the lens loses its ability to change shape and images are out of focus.

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He must be concerned for others and must be accommodating.

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