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You'll see people from New York, Jersey and sometimes Delaware or Maryland come out.

And there is quite a range of very friendly and super nice women to exceptionally rude, but hey, that's people in general I guess.

We can thank the media: magazines, movies, television, etc.

How high was the bar set with garbage shows like "Sex in the City", let alone the hundreds out there which subliminally message women that if they need to only go for the 6'4" lean, muscular, (pick your favorite hair color), blue eyed doctor/lawyer and that "settling" for anything "less" is the end of the world.

Even our lowlifes in this part of the country will seem like an uptick for you. I have lived in different states and I had no trouble meeting women.

It felt odd rooting against a football team just because of it's fans despite being very tired of the New England dynasty. I would actually look into living in some of the smaller towns outside of the city, especially on the Iowa side (lower taxes). It seems like almost every girl is socially awkward or just mentally disturbed in this state. In fact, a lot of women find me attractive except in this weird state.

Dating scene here has got to be easier than in very large metro areas. That is one more reason to make Nebraska a more horrible state.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Im coming from the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, so its a mix of all different types of people.

How many women reach their mid-30's childless and washed up because they keep trying to find some mythical 11 when they could've easily "settled" for a fantastic '7' of a guy who would've made a wonderful husband & father to her children?

My guess is that you'll find that situation in the millions now.

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I think it may make a difference on where you live and where you hang out.

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