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What happens is an IDF will make a generic message that he/she thinks is awesome and then blast it out to anyone who fits their fancy. When I’m on OKC, I want to meet people who are interested in actually getting to know me as a person. Let’s meet up and grab a bowl of cereal and have some stimulating conversation and see if we connect.

You can always tell because they say a blanket compliment like “you seem great” or “you’re hot.” Then they just talk about themselves, how you should message them, and how you two should meet. The reason these messages are frustrating is because it doesn’t treat me, the person on the other end, like a human.

Not having tried a male account before, I didn’t realise how different the vista was. One of the visitors gave him a second look after he checked her profile out in turn, but she never communicated.

I sent my creation out into the world, waited for the floods of attention, and got…nothing. I think, in the first week, three girls visited his profile. It didn’t take long to realise that for the experiment to progress I would have to be more proactive, so in the third week I started actively visiting girls’ profiles.

Now, I’m all about casual sex and being sluts as long as it is consensual, but I choose to not too click this option… Sometimes there is minimal effort and they will message “cute dog” .

and I still get at least 3 messages a month like this: Or…. Hell, maybe you, my dear reader, would be down to screw. It’s just idiotic to think that a person would be DTF even if they didn’t choose that setting. Thanks, IDF, for not having the decency to scroll to the bottom of my profile to see what I’m interested in. 2) The generic message These are normally pretty harmless. I got this winner recently (sorry forgot to take a picture): I’m sure you are as intelligent as you are cute but the only way to know that is in the real world through conversation. I do love me a bowl of cereal and I agree that conversation is the best way to get to know someone… But I don’t know you and I’m sure as hell not going to message you to meet up with you.

The one girl who eventually messaged him first was sweet and articulate, but — putting this as kindly as I can — extremely unphotogenic.

Eventually my male avatar — let’s call him David — managed to actually get some interactions going, but it was uphill all the way.Anyway, said friend — who shall, of course, remain nameless — had all the usual uncertainties about putting himself out there on the internet, and, because I’m nice (or maybe because I like to feel useful), I offered to help him out, based on my own experiences online.Well, I overthink just about everything I do, so of course I got to analysing — in depth — the last year of online dating.For your edification (and specifically for the friend in question: you know who you are), I present the results of my obsessive over-intellectualising.Second confession of the day: I joined Ok Cupid to play a prank on an ex.

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