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We’ve already briefly touched upon this but seeing how many people do it, we feel it’s worth reiterating.

Do not post photos of you and someone else on your online dating profile.

So, unless you think I’m going to spend a date hovering above you like a miniature dirigible, it’s kind of annoying and disconcerting to have six of these… There’s no way in hell I can keep up with that and I don’t really feel like humiliating myself trying.

Secondly, and this might not be an issue for everyone, but if every picture you have is you surrounded by people, I’m going to assume, at least subconsciously, that alone time with you will be rare and probably become an issue and, frankly, if I’m destined to never have any alone time with you, we are terribly mis-matched and I’d rather swipe Left now and save myself all the effort. If I’m perusing your profile pics and several involve you standing with your arm around some amazingly good-looking dude who isn’t a cut-out of Leonardo Di Caprio, I’m going to wonder how I could even approach you without feeling like a laughing stock.

Luckily for you though, here’s a cheat sheet you can use to make sure you’re using the best pictures for your online dating profile.

Facebook, for instance, has been using artificial intelligence for years to scan and remove videos and pictures for sexual or excessively violent content.

However, Bumble's founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, announced the feature as she's also lobbying Texas state lawmakers to draft a bill that would criminalize sending unsolicited nude photos.

"From there, the user can decide whether to view or block the image, and if compelled, easily report the image to the moderation team," Bumble said in a statement.

Private Detector will roll out on Bumble in June before launching on Badoo, Chappy, and Lumen.

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