Needy dating

I really like you, and I know it’s only been three dates, but…I was wondering if we could make things official. It is a nervous adult man speaking openly about his feelings to his female date, as he typically tries to hide his growing sweat patches.

Um, sorry, but who exactly are these “74 per cent of 18-35 year olds” who think less than 10 dates makes a relationship? Anna, 25, tells me: “I was dating a younger man who came on very strongly. Initially I was flattered but I quickly became disillusioned as it was clear he was looking for something very emotionally involved, very quickly - there was no intriguing ‘does-he-doesn't-he’ element to it all.Your underlying problem is: You’re afraid a man might reject or leave you. You’re afraid to trust a man because he might hurt you.You afraid a man won’t want you because you’re a middle-aged woman.So, to those women who are still trying to make three average dates into a legitimate relationship, please stop.You don’t need an official Facebook status to make you happy, and if your date is right for you, it will happen naturally.

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