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The Main Line Today magazine named her as the Best TV Weather Person.

After that, she served as a Television broadcaster in Fox 11 and ABC7.

Alysha Del Valle is on a lifelong quest of finding the answer because she too has a blissful career behind her back and lags in her family matter. The single mother of Rain Paloma has been relishing her life keeping information about her partner and boyfriend under the wraps.

Alysha Del Valle, age 46, enjoys the single life with her daughter Rain Paloma, who was born with her previous boyfriend, Ray Castillo Jr.

Sheena was born in September 1987 to Mark and Sherry in India.

Her parents moved to Florida, America and she subsequently grew up along Florida’s Gulf coast.

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Sheena is a very private person and there is not much that is known to the public about her private life.

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