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His disappearance has touched off fury and anger from the Islamist regime that harbored him. Jamal Khashoggi’s career of spouting Muslim Brotherhood propaganda for his new Turkish and Qatari masters came to an end in a curious way.

His final project, DAWN or Democracy for the Arab World Now was meant to aid Islamists.“Saudis tend to link the ugliness of what happened in New York and Washington with what has happened and continues to happen in Palestine.It is time that the United States comes to understand the effect of its foreign policy and the consequences of that policy,” he declared.“A Muslim cannot be happy with the suffering of others.Even if this suffering is that of Americans who neglected the suffering of Palestinians for half a century.” That’s the real Khashoggi, a cynical and manipulative apologist for Islamic terrorism, not the mythical martyred dissident whose disappearance the media has spent the worst part of a week raving about. Some describe him as the leader of the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood.

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