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My response: Dear reader: What compels you to pursue this man?

Editor note: The reader wrote twice with updates to the question so I slightly modified the text for improved reading comprehension.

However, since her behavior hurts you, confirm her intentions.

What about opening the conversation with something like this: “If you did not know this, I look forward to our conversations.

(If so, why did he create an online dating profile?!?

It infuriates me when people use online dating as a band-aid to cover recent relationship wounds and disregard expectations and feelings of other online members who are ready to get serious.) When the person we date says s/he is not ready for a relationship this is code for “this is not serious and probably never will be.” Also known as “I want to hook up without any strings attached.” The comment is typically offered by non-confrontational people who fear telling the truth and have inadequate communication skills. This is the gist of what I would say to him after preparing myself that walking away could be the healthiest thing I can do for my mental health and will leave me open to meeting the love of my life.

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