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Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application. A Drama in Three Scenes by Dan Weatherer 4M Approximate Playing Time: 45 Minutes Winner of the 2017 Soundwork UK Playwriting Competition, this powerful and compelling drama delves deeply into the past of a seriously ill father.

Originally developed for touring to elementary schools with a cast of three playing multiple characters, "" where people watch Netflix and also talk in old-timey speak.Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application. A Full-length Drama in Two Acts5M / 5WApproximate Playing Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes An award winning and potent portrayal of a city man, Tom Benedict and his wife, Jennifer, in conflict between themselves and their attempt to build a new life in rural America.Filled with symbolism and harsh reality, the audience has the opportunity to witness the final days of a deteriorating relationship and then sit in judgment as to the truth.And that someone may be the most unlikely character of all. Single Use Copyright Fee plus Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre.

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