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Someone very smart (poetry or philosophizer, I can't remember) said: "You can know women or can have them" , period. Don't try to understand, because as much you try, things will become more complicated.

Personally, I think that mostly of women (especially when they are younger) really don't knows what they want in their life, from you, from self, so why would we bother with that at all?

6 How to hook up girls, find f* buddy or some other type of sex partner ? - A lot of people asked me to focus on finding girls/women on the Internet, so I decide to have this in mind while writing this men guide.

Many of my friends don't agree with this, but after a few hundred of girls and women in my life I am pretty sure about this statement.

Be creative, and act adopted to situation,start from easier places and when you get some confidential you will easy recognize when and what to say or do.

No matter do you like her and want to date, or you want just one night adventure, always be gentile, relaxed and try to act juts like nothing happens, no matter if you are scarred and your hart beat, just pretend you are relaxed. I understand that, and hear you: what are places to find girls for fun?

In some moment of life, both women and men need some casual and wild sex, rich sex life, changing a lot of partners etc. from W, Jul/ 2013 (this is Miss A comment, enjoy) ... I don�t know what I can do for you, but I love you man!!!

In most cases answer is: No, so lets focus on our wishes and feelings.

In short: she must be not scared from you and she must have sense of slight control over you, so do everything you can to assure that she see you on that way. I think that while my life I am doing wring and that is probably reason my bad luck with girls. It is very interesting since I do not have problems with catching women attention and grabbing them in bed (easy) to see actually what I am doing. I am amazed and did not wanted to believe since I had different picture about women for my 45 years...

4 If you read carefully, than it is clear that girls like no-obligated adventures, one night stands, flirting and everything as we do, just are more frighten and more careful. I like when people use more simple words and less some scientific-something that only complicates things no matter is it about mechanics or girls :)... Thanks to this tutor I made some changes in my approach to girls and first results are noticeable! Now I have no words, and your sentence you can understand women or you can have them tells everything about this...

If you ask me, a real man will never pay for love nor intimacy.

9 Conclusion 10 Resources (if you don't trust me, then look at science) Before we start, just to be clear with few facts: - I am talking only about getting sex without money, so everything you read here is for those who want to learn how to catch girls every day in real life and online.

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