Modded gamerscore not updating

Question for ozmodchips....i want to get the key from all different types of 360 dvd drive, what would be the best tool (s) for the job ?i know i can just use the xkey gecko for the drive in my slim but if i manage to install an xkey in my xbox easily enough, i have mates that would want me to do theirs, and i'd rather have the right tool(s) for the job right from the word go if your not aware; slims after mfr date 8/09/2011 require RGH hack with RGH hardware/soldering to get the key.To do all drives using the Via VT6421 card, you will need: a CK3 pro v3 probe sata-usb converter.the sata-usb converter is only *sometimes* needed for the 04 drives when they dont wanna show up in JF using the VT6421 or your onboard sata ports.the only thing im unsure about is installing the Cr3 without the QSB board.all the installation diagrams show the qsb board and am having trouble finding one without it. Glitching the console is the hard part, its not instant, its not guaranteed.When we do 4gb consoles, we dont leave the QSB in there..use short wires to it...We have had 2 customers screw up their installation on those small 4gb pads, and they are easilty lifted, and then the console is pretty much dead. just curious as to what dipswitch settings you recommend on the CR3 lite with a corona v2?

The last time i switched it on would've been around 2007 ? i never did any updates thinking that one day, it would become useful with an old dashboard.For diagram, go to jrunner, images, Coolrunner slims — shows a coolrunng rev C but its the samethe cr3 lite is bassically a rev C with the built in crystal caps etc on the the board. Anyways, qsbs suck becuase if you make a mistake and need to take the QSB off you will most likely lift a track off the board and then your console is finished.EDIT: Okay, so i have worked out i need to order the Nand X JTAG cable and QSB's, where would the best place to get them from be? They where going to do the same main board thing, and then the adapter boards, but i think they decided agaisnt it So, I've just updated my Jasper 512Mb Jtag to the latest dash ahead of the release of GTA 5 and was wondering, how rare are Jtags (especially 512Mb Jaspers) to come by?So this is what i need from what i have worked out. Chop the end off one side of the cable, and solder the wires in QSB's are sold to try and make money off every single install, under the disguise of it being easier to do. And what is all this RGH stuff people are going on about?

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