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Changing demographics have since transformed the date into a cultural holiday where Mexican culture is celebrated with festivals, food and drinks. Whether you wish to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with or without a drink, remember the true meaning of this date: the victory of self-determination. Most of us celebrate the New Year in some fashion with friends or family, but traditional Mexican customs take it a step further.

Some rituals have religious backgrounds, while others are just bizarre, but they are each passed on from generation to generation and share the common intention of awakening hope for better days.

Expect a 15-20 minute delay if you’re talking business; Mexicans would rather not proceed in a hurry.

While not a public holiday recognized in Mexico, the 5 of May is a memorable date in Mexican history.

As many as 100 Native American languages are still spoken in Mexico, but no single alternative language prevails.

Eighty percent of those Mexicans who speak an indigenous language also speak Spanish.

However, remember that all the photos in online dating services are real.

For over a decade, I literally poured me through more than 50,000 Internet Dating Profiles (which is true - 50,000 profiles - that's not a typo!

However, a number of historians have pointed out that this supposed leap year proposal statute never occurred, and instead gained its legs as a romantic notion spread in the press. What was courtship and marriage like for our distant ancestors?Beginning with the ancient Greeks' recognition of the need to describe more than one kind of love, inventing the word In ancient times, many of the first marriages were by capture, not choice — when there was a scarcity of nubile women, men raided other villages for wives.Family altars are cheerfully decorated with photographs, gifts, mementos and offerings of food.The inviting scent of pan de muerto, known as the “bread of the dead,” lingers in the air as this traditional Mexican sweet bread is eaten in remembrance.

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