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Other health professionals argue that there's no such condition, however, and that the symptoms often associated with mid-life crisis have other causes.From Reggie Perrin to American Beauty, we're all familiar with the stereotype of the man who reaches 50 and trades his wife in for a younger model or chucks in his job to go off and travel the world.Men reaching mid-life may feel a loss of masculinity and confusion about their future role.Divorce, insecurity at work and the changing role of men add to the uncertainty many feel during this time of transition.

“To think like a woman in bed, you don’t have to be one,” she says. Lubricant in the bedside drawer is your new best friend.”16. If you’re experiencing a case of the “same-old, same-old,” working on adding a little variety is the key to better sex, says Simmons.

“A woman needs to be relaxed before she is ready to receive.”12. Regardless of how you get revved up for better sex, Matthew N.

Simmons, MD, Ph D, of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland, suggests not skimping on the foreplay — no matter how long you have been together as a couple. Sometimes, the key to better sex is letting her be in charge.

It was last updated in 2003 and so does not conform to the NHS England Information Standard of which the MHF is a member.

Up-to-date information on this topic can be found here: Mid-life crisis FAQs.

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