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We consider all applicants on the basis of being a 'current year 12 school leaver' or a 'non school leaver'.Non-school leavers will still require an educational qualification for admission to the University and this requirement is not relaxed on the provision of age, as all applicants are treated equally.Open Foundation is also beneficial in terms of readying yourself for university if you have not studied at a university level before or have not been studying for several years.If you would like to have your qualifications assessed for entry please email [email protected] .You have no way of verifying anything anyone says about who they are.Of course you reserve the right to ban anybody for any or no reason, but you aren't the age/decency police unless you choose to be.IMO - if they're clicking the disclaimer and entering, they've made that choice and we shouldn't be responsible for killing their innocence with profanity.

Other than that, I don't think there's anything in the To S that expressly forbids the behaviour.At that point, you have "proof" they are of appropriate age. It seems like it would be impossible to place liability on the streamer with such a grey area.Even though they may say they are underage, at that point, they could say anything, and it would be impossible to prove one way or the other. How do you know their parents didn't consent to them watching? I see this similar to when underage kids watch an R-rated movie.There are many pathways available for you to gain entry into University, no matter what your situation, we can assist you! The University also provides study options for gaining entry.Our Open Foundation program is available for those over 20 who don't have a current qualification that will enable them to gain admission to their desired program.

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I find it extremely uncomfortable to interact with kids when I'm swearing and talking about the random shit my husband and I get into sometimes.

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