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I tested and the A/V seemed to work well, but one never can tell what might change…This cam, which you should be able to see right now in the lower left video feed, is at the picnic table area where we’ll have lunch and talk about owls tomorrow.Love the Bobcat trying really hard to get some of that “perfume” on itself. Pete 6/27/19 Tomorrow – Friday, June 28 – SC Edison is going to cut off our power to do some maintenance on the 12KV line that provides SR with electricity. And HERE is the discussion on owls that we had after lunch.Not sure I told all of you, but the few drops of we put on that rock – which is made from fox urine, skunk, etc. This rehab Great Horned Owl was on loan from the Orange County Bird of Prey Center. Pete 6/2/19 While it’s misty and grey out, , Sunday 6/2. This is a really important fundraiser for Starr Ranch and proceeds help me a lot in being able to keep these cams going.– hatched 4/12 approximately am Egg # 4 – 3/14 – p.m.– hatched 4/14 approximately am Egg # 5 – 3/16 – p.m.But if you can’t make it, please consider a donation to Starr Ranch.In the meantime, I just set up a cam so those of you who can’t attend the banding tomorrow should be able to watch the goings-on.

Did not trigger the normal email alerts I get when something happens there. (Note to Scylla – I’m about to go clean the trail cam lens and also adjust it so it hopefully shows more of the gypsum “scent station” that the “Bobfox” has been frequently visiting lately.) Pete 6/5/19 Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of banding the two Barn Owl chicks on June 2, 2019.(And the video also prompted me to clean the cam lens…However, seeing it tonight shows me I didn’t do a very good job. Anyway, since it seemed so calm around people I started offering it some nuts and eventually got close enough to watch some really interesting behavior up close.Will revisit tomorrow.) Pete 11-07-18 Some of you may have already seen some video I posted of a juvenile Ground Squirrel that showed up a couple of months ago completely unafraid of me. Like how its nose is constantly testing the air, how it is so incredibly dexterous, how it can store an unbelievable amount in its cheeks, etc. However, in this case I thought I could learn something by offering this GS some nuts (Pistachios.And of course organic and unsalted) and eventually get closer to it..

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