Linked cells in excel not updating

Hence, if you aren’t aware of this setting, it could possibly be causing this problem.

2] The cell is formatted as Text Accidentally formatting the cells including formulas as “Text” could be another issue causing this problem.

He is president of Sharon Parq Associates, a computer and publishing services company. Check out Dear Allen, I have links in my (destination) workbook to other workbooks (sources) on the very same desktop. I will be much obliged for your opinion about it as the Internet is full of complaints without any solution.

I want the destination workbook to be automatically updated each time I open the destination workbook. Sincerely, Dan Simhony If the linked workbooks (precedent and dependent) are both open, and Calculation mode is set to either Semi-automatic or Automatic, the dependent workbook will be updated automatically whenever any change occurs in the precedent workbook - no manual intervention required.

This is of course important to ensure the data is updated in all spreadsheets correctly and automatically.

But there are times you may find that the Excel Formulas are not updating automatically.

It can be very frustrating when your formulas are not updating automatically on Excel.

Even if it is also opened at the time the data will be taken from the file, not from the open document.

Hi, I do see the prompt to update the Links when I open both spreadsheets, and I click on the Yes buttons and I also save each file, but the Link does not update the value.

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Building on that, here are the possible reasons why it may be happening.

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