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Lee, who hosts shows on the Food Network and is a contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America, spoke to Market Watch about surviving the disease and why she believes her partner has transformed healthcare as well as supplying her with emotional support during her cancer fight. Sandra Lee: The only thing we wanted to do in creating this documentary was save lives.

However, their separation seems to be amicable as they were seen holding the hands on the streets of New York City in September 2017.

On Tuesday, the acclaimed chef and cookbook author, 52, addressed the status of her relationship with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, following speculation that they had split. “At the moment they both reside at Lily Pond and will continue to so until the home sells.”“She’s downsizing because it’s too much work maintaining and she doesn’t have staff and does it herself,” the source adds. She’s busy on so many different TV new productions and caring for some sick family members.”Speaking to PEOPLE a year after her procedure, the chef — who is now cancer-free — praised her boyfriend for remaining by her side, even with his own busy work schedule.“He was wonderful,” Lee told PEOPLE in June 2016.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Lee said reports of a split couldn’t be further from the truth, as she and Cuomo “were still very much together” and simply choose to “keep our lives as private as possible.”“Andrew and I are still very much together after 14 years,” Lee said. “Even though he’s closing the legislative session now and was in the heat of all of his work, all work and focus, he never wavered and has always really been available and been there every step of the way.”“It’s a true testament to dedication and loyalty and love,” she added of Cuomo.

I had talked to so many people who had so many complications and they had done so many different forms of radiation and chemo.

So for me, and the type of person I am, I just needed to do this.

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Cancer significantly exerts financial costs as well as on the body. One of the beautiful things about God gifting me breast cancer and giving me an early stage diagnosis was the fact that I am partnered with someone who can make a big difference and real change. So Andrew changed the law and now all the co-pays and deductibles are paid so there’s no cost.

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