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On April 4, Namoo Actors had released a statement which read, "Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin met as colleagues through a drama in 2014, and when the first dating rumor report was released, they were good friends at the time.

However, the two progressed into a dating relationship sometime during the beginning of 2016."Jeon Hye-bin and Lee Joon-gi started out as friends, on the sets of their drama 'Gunman in Joseon.' The actress appeared on the April 27 broadcast of 'Happy Together 3' where she revealed details about their relationship."In the beginning, I honestly thought I wasn't right for him since I had a rather tomboyish and jolly personality.

Thus, the 34-year-old actor recently released a public apology to do damage control against losing legions of delulu stans.

“You guys, I was just about to tell you, but then those dastardly press got in the way!

Hal ini dikarenakan Jun Ki sedang bermain dalam variety show tv N My Ear’s Candy bersama aktris cantik Park Min Young. Dari sinilah Lee Jun Ki merasa bersalah dan mengutarakan keinginannya untuk meminta maaf.

Thank you always, and thank you again,” tutupnya di akhir kalimat.

He moved to Seoul with a dream to work in the entertainment industry rather than getting into college.

For the next couple of years, Lee worked at various part-time jobs before he got accepted into the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Aku pengin banget membalas semua kepercayaan dan waktu kalian untukku karena telah menunjukkan sisi baikku selama ini.

Tapi, aku rasa kalian pasti sangat terkejut dan bingung dengan situasi ini. Although this might seem out of the blue, I want to relay to all of you with my genuine feelings,” tulis aktor yang juga pernah dirumorkan memiliki hubungan dengan IU ini. Terutama pada Hye Bin yang bertemu lewat sebuah project.

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