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Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Eugene revealed, “I was having a hard time and Eric came and helped me out, I developed feelings for him.” Unfortunately, the two were only trainees at the time and dating wasn’t really allowed, but what if the circumstances were different?His first major role was as Kim Jaewon's rival for Eugene's affections in Wonderful Life. On March 2011, Lee signed with Japanese label EMI Music Japan.Lee performed as male lead Daniel, rotating with Um Ki-joon, Ahn Jae-wook, Song Seung-hyun of FT Island and Lee Sungmin of Super Junior in the musical Jack the Ripper from 5 July to 14 August 2011 at Chungmu Arts Hall.Actress Jang Na Ra transformed herself into “Youthful Pierott” in the drama “Youthful Beauty.” Jang Na Ra will play a female protagonist named So Young in KBS’s new Monday and Tuesday drama “Youthful Beauty (written by Oh Sun Hyung and Jeong Do Yoon, directed by Lee Jin Seo and Lee So Yeon,” which will begin airing from May 2, and she appeared on the film set wearing colorful make-up that looked like a clown, and her appearance provided laughter on the set.Jang Na Ra wore this funny make-up to gain favor with Ji Hyun Seo (An Seo Hyun), who is her boss Ryu Jin’s daughter.

The morning after, Se-jin tells Seung-wan that she'd been a virgin and that he should "take responsibility" for their sexual encounter.

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She will play the role of a love messenger between her father Ji Seung Il and Jang Na Ra in the drama later.

In addition, actresses usually try to show their beautiful appearances, but Jang Na Ra reportedly maintained her smile the entire time while filming even though he looked very ridiculous with her funny make-up, and her passionate acting drew a large ovation from production staff members.

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