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Subjects ranged from age 20 to 82, in education, from high school to graduate degrees, and in employment, from janitor to CEO.The newspaper's readers are overwhelmingly white, and so were the subjects, with two Latinas, one African-American, and no Asians.More than half (57%) said they'd experienced "major conflicts" that caused "painful struggles" to accept themselves.All had considered themselves "sluts," "nymphomaniacs," and "sex addicts." Most had been called these names by friends and lovers.For some (16%), this happened in their teens or twenties.Typically, they had sex-positive parents who saw nothing wrong with having highly sexual daughters, or they had friends who reassured them that they were fine.

All had struggled with feeling of being different from cultural expectations of women.

This suggests it's women and not men who "have permission to be highly sexual".

If you know any who are exercising this right, plenty of guys would like to be elevated to equality with them (and to get their phone numbers).

However, most, including those in committed relationships, said they were open to flings.

Strong, insistent libidos that are difficult to control--these women appear rather "male." They marry, but often have extra-marital affairs.

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