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The week before school started, Hillary told Declan that he was in danger of losing Lori unless he "stepped up". At the party, Declan and Lori have sex, but Hillary, in a drunken state, said she told Declan to ask her out. When school began, Lori ignored Declan until he told her how he messed up all the time and maybe it was her turn.A few weeks later during a rain storm late at night, Declan knocked on Kyle's window and Kyle let him in. In the morning Declan was seen trying to sneak out and pretended he had just arrived to wish happy birthday to Lori.Declan went to the Tragers' house to thank Kyle for standing up for him. A few weeks later, Kyle went to Lori's room where he found her and Declan talking.Declan told them that he was going to the University of Washington over the weekend.As the basketball season headed to the championship round, Charlie Tanner attempted to get Kyle onto the team.Declan did not want him on it,and challenged Kyle's abilities.

That night, Declan told Kyle that he should go for Amanda even though she was dating Charlie.

Declan told her that he had to play golf with his father the following day.

Lori and Hillary staked out his house, and he went to be with another girl.

Lori told him that she only slept in his room after talking most of the night.

Kyle finds a paper including a location in the woods near the University.

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