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Over the millennia, numerous ethnicities have migrated, settled or natively inhabited the area including Turks, Persians, Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Chechens, Azeris and others.From the beginning of recorded history until the present day, all of these ethnic groups have strived politically and violently both offensively and defensively for a secure homeland.The Treaty of Lausanne annulled the Treaty of Sevres, giving control of the entire Anatolian peninsula to the new Turkish Republic including the Kurdistan homeland in Turkey.

The Kurds reinvented themselves as Muslims after the Arab invasion and conquest, as Sunni Muslims after the Ottoman Turks conquest, as Shiite Muslims after the Persian conquest, as Kurdish Nationalists in the aftermath of World War I and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, as political revolutionaries (Kurdish Workers Party – PKK) in Turkey and Iraq (Kurdistan Democratic Party – KDP) in the 1970’s, as freedom fighters (Peshmerga) in the 1990’s and as a unified secular, democratic Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that provides all basic civil rights to its citizens including equal rights to women, all ethnic groups and religions.All of the campaigns were forcibly put down and the Kurdish people suffered greater repression each time.After the Gulf War in 1990-1991 and the enforcement by the Americans of a no-fly zone in Iraqi Kurdistan region, the Iraqi Kurds had autonomy.Fortunately for the Kurds, they have been able to retreat into the mountains for sanctuary.This protection is what saved the Kurds from destruction and allowed them to survive as a distinct ethnic group.

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After Hussein was driven from office, the Iraqis, in a national referendum, approved a new constitution.

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