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My boyfriend will become a doctor and I am freelancing in some graphic design, so it doesn't matter for me in which country I work.How are the reactions to mixed couples or to foreigners?I met my boyfriend in Germay and we consider moving back to Korea because he doesn't want to be apart from his family.I don't have a close relationship to my family anyway and considered moving abroad for a long time even before I met him.” Those desperate for hope will find a success story and be content with knowing it can happen to them too.You can search for the answer all you want, but the only truth is that there is no answer.Experiencing someone in such a way makes it much more likely to be able to look beyond the surface than if you pick a guy up in a bar or on the street.

Kimchi Man and I first connected on an intellectual level: we discussed for a long time our opinions about taxation systems, education, military service, and shared our love for games and TV shows.

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w=700" /I know some may not be satisfied with my seeming lack of answer. Those pessimistic will stop when they reach an answer that claims Korean men are racist and say: “Aha, I knew it!

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