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Rumor has it, Kim and Yeezy are asking guests at the dinner to dress in a style befitting their historic surroundings, and are requiring everyone in attendance to dress in the style of French royalty.

Kimye didn't specify what era of French royal garb they're looking for, so it's possible that some of their family and friends will go all-in with Louis XIV-style powdered wigs, while others will cop out, put on a suit and tie and claim they're dressed as Jerry Lewis. We expect Jay Z to go the latter route, but we're hoping Kendall Jenner's Instagram will show us what a trampy Marie Antoinette selfie would look like.

, Kim Kardashian West didn't just talk about her dreams of becoming a lawyer (something that could very well happen).

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However, it seems very unlikely that any of the Kardashians will be mixing with royalty in the future.

No member of the Kardashian family scored an invite to the royal wedding.

Kim Kardashian has done much of the same and is now married to rapper Kanye West.

Kendall Jenner is reportedly dating NBA star Blake Griffin, while Kylie Jenner just had a baby with rapper Travis Scott.

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