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Other_unit: Date: Monday March 22, 2004 Time: -0600 The 3rd Armored Division was the first taste I had of the military and the last (My first assignment was in 1982 until 1984, then I returned in 1990).

I was with the Division for it's last mission, Desert Storm, and am proud to wear the Spearhead patch on my right shoulder.

Shane Jensen, great site whoaa Last_name: Davidsen First_name: Carlyle E_mail: [email protected]_period: Cold_War Years: 1955-57 Unit: 2d BDE HHC Co_Btry_Trp: HHC/HHB/HHT Other_unit: Date: Tuesday March 23, 2004 Time: -0600 Stationed at Ft. Looking for address (off post) since lived in Valley Station, KY.

I just wish....a yello bird with a yellow bill..landed on my window sill.... Damn sure miss that good german bier Last_name: Jacoby First_name: Ron E_mail: [email protected]_period: Cold_War Years: 1967-68 Unit: 3AD Div HHC Co_Btry_Trp: D Other_unit: Date: Thursday March 18, 2004 Time: -0600 Left the rock on alevy for the Nam. Last_name: KILLION First_name: JOHN E_mail: [email protected] NET Svc_period: Cold_War Years: 1968-1970 Unit: 2-27 FA Co_Btry_Trp: B Other_unit: Date: Thursday March 18, 2004 Time: -0600 THIS IS A GREAT SIGHT, I WAS STATIONED AT FRIEDBERG FROM AUG.1968 TO MARCH 1970 WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM OTHERS THAT WAS THERE IN THAT TIME PERIOD.Of course, the tiny bikinis and short-shorts are popular, but not everyone’s bodies look like the ones in the Brazilian travel brochure.In Brazil, people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so don’t be ashamed of your few extra pounds.Co_Btry_Trp: HHC/HHB/HHT Other_unit: Date: Tuesday March 30, 2004 Time: -0600 Still liven in Germany in Holzheim near the Rock Last_name: Thaler First_name: Sandra E_mail: [email protected]_period: Years: 1992-1993 Unit: ... Other_unit: Date: Tuesday March 30, 2004 Time: -0600 Just looking to see if I recognize any one or if someone recognize me,the girl from Sweden Last_name: Mcglothin First_name: Bruce E_mail: [email protected]_period: Cold_War Years: 1971-1973 Unit: 33d Tank Bn Co_Btry_Trp: A Other_unit: a1/33 Date: Tuesday March 30, 2004 Time: -0600 Like to trade pictures from some of my friends. Date: Monday March 29, 2004 Time: -0600 hello - i was stationed at schloss kaserne in 58th general supply unit until it was disbanded. heidi Last_name: Patten First_name: Christopher E_mail: [email protected]_period: Desert_Storm Years: 1992-1994 Unit: 23d EN BN Co_Btry_Trp: B Other_unit: Date: Monday March 29, 2004 Time: -0600 I am Chris Patten's wife. If anyone knows him or knows any of these men E-mail me please..... If you want to re-live the old days one more time, do it now. We should have a re-union in Butzbach while we still have something to jog our memories.....Last_name: vandehey First_name: heidi E_mail: [email protected]_period: Desert_Storm Years: 1989-1992 Unit: ... Paul "red" Phillips, Michael Helton, Robert Mc Kee, Thomas Tomlin........ Last_name: Dobbins First_name: laura E_mail: [email protected]_period: Desert_Storm Years: 1989-1992 Unit: 143d Signal BN Co_Btry_Trp: B Other_unit: Date: Monday March 29, 2004 Time: -0600 Hey gang. Last_name: angela First_name: gutknecht E_mail: [email protected]_period: Cold_War Years: Unit: ... Other_unit: Date: Wednesday March 24, 2004 Time: -0600 my father was stationed in friedberg from 1980-1984 he retired in 1984 he was SGM in the dscc office he served with COL. Vona if anybody happens to know my dad pleas contact me my fathers name was SGM.

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Supply at Hanau Last_name: Alexander First_name: Michael E_mail: [email protected]_period: Cold_War Years: 1883-1989 Unit: 4-8 CAV Co_Btry_Trp: HHC/HHB/HHT Other_unit: Date: Saturday March 20, 2004 Time: -0600 Hello, Troops Looking forward to hearing from all vets of the cav.

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