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Just after two years, she transferred herself to Stanford University in Stanford, California to study drama in 1990.She left the college in that year only to focus more on her film career.That carried over into real life, and the two began to date.The celebrity couple stopped dating in 1996, but there was talk that they hit it off again when shooting the movie .It seems like a bizarre relationship when looking at the fact that The Collector dated Batgirl, but that is a coupling that happened way back in 1996.As a matter of fact, Alicia Silverstone dated Benicio Del Toro when she was promoting when they started dating, and that happened to come out in the same year as the movie that temporarily killed the Batman franchise.Yes, there are rivalries when it comes to the box office success, but the hatred that exists within the fan bases does not exist behind-the-scenes.This is especially the case with the actors, who will often move from Marvel or DC to the other.

Later from 1988 to 1989, she attended Yale University in Connecticut to study English.

She was announced as Amnesty International’s ambassador for Human Rights Education on November 14, 2005.

In May 2012, Connelly was named ambassador for Save the Children fund, to advocate for children’s rights in the United States and worldwide.

With the biggest names in the Marvel and Disney universe working in many different parts of Hollywood, it is often easy for these actors to meet up – and eventually, hook up.

Whether they dated while playing the roles of heroes and villains in comic book worlds or at other points of their lives, some of the most prominent actors in the MCU and DCEU world have dated each other.

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