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Both personality types have a lot in common like seeking a deep connection and having great communication.Both the ENFP and ESFJ love life and have similar perceptions of the world.Believe it or not, psychology often shows that some of the best relationships are formed between people with similar personalities. Dependability and loyalty are important to the ISFJ and so who could possibly more trustworthy than a fellow ISFJ?The INTP and INTJ are sister personalities and thus compatible.The ESFJ values the depth of the ENFP and the ENFP helps cultivate the creative side of the ESFJ.The ESFJ and ISFP personalities have almost the perfect ratio of differences to similarities and which makes for the possibility of a fantastic relationship.Take this free online test to see which personality you are and enjoy getting to learn about the other personality types as well.

They encourage each other and provide attention for one another.

The INTJ will usually embrace the spontaneity of the INTP and and INTP can learn to appreciate the INTJ’s organizational and planning skills.

Paula Abdul may not have had a degree in psychology, but she was onto something which she said that opposites attract!

Both enjoy linear and logical thinking and pair well together because they can easily follow each other’s thoughts and streams of consciousness.

Both the INTP and INTJ value theories and ideas which can lead to amazing conversations and pursuits in life when these two are thrown together.

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