Is maplestory updating today december 7

When you first log in, there is no character in this world. Do you feel crowded in Aquila with many advanced players?

Not to worry as your existing characters are still in Aquila. Everyone gets a fair chance to start a new adventure together in Bootes.

Thank you for your patience March 24th, 2011 We're currently looking for additional help on the wiki due to the high growth we have there! July 14th, 2010 Hey all, it's time for another event! The person who makes up the funniest "yo mamashroom" joke, wins a Nexon card (or paypal) and the joke will be displayed on the front page! Multiple entries are allowed but not to the point where we consider it abuse (as in, you enter more than 2 entries per day) Creativity is a must for this challenge and try to be original!

If you want to volunteer to help maintain the wiki, please contact the Maple Tip wiki account here September 28th, 2010 We've been getting reports that people's account has.. Due to that issue, everybody may have to do all the lost hard work again but Nexon may give us a 2x exp to help us get back up. Here are the rules: Copyright © 2004-2015 Contact Us Maple Story is copyright ©2003-2009 by Nexon corporation.

To welcome you to the new world, Nemi the NPC, will be waiting for you in Lith Habour.

Once again, she will issue the Mark of Beta bandana to assist the new adventurer starting from 15th July 2005 to 25th July 2005. Bootes is a new world starting with 8 new channels in Maple SEA.

Now, the quest will give you a small picture of where the pig’s home may be located.

Dear Maplers, We are excited to bring you a whole new world in Maple SEA. With his blessing, the heaven fields are richer and some may say drops are bountiful.Remove Forum Games Remove Love & Relationships Remove Anger Forum Move TV movies & books under Off Topic Remove Official Members Move Music under Off Topic Remove Sports and health Remote Role Playing Move spammer's central under off topic Guilds Remove all forums Archives Set permission setting to admin only (not viewable by general public) July 22nd, 2013 Maple Tip will be down for maintenance tonight, 10/09/2012 around pm CST. June 27th, 2012 We are upgrading the software for the Maple Tip forums today.We apologize for the inconvenience if you encounter any slowness or downtime due to the upgrade. The anime-style fantasy game takes place entirely online, and contains unmoderated player chat, friending, clubs, and in-game guilds. Players must create a Nexon account in order to play, and though it's possible to play for free, a robust in-game shop tempts players with a host of colorful vanity items and powerups.An in-game clothing design system lets players create their own logos and publisher Nexon is working to screen the ones made with offensive imagery.

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