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I've been seeing someone for a few weeks, and I'm at the point where I don't want to date anyone else.

Ultimately, agreeing that you're "boyfriend-girlfriend" is agreeing on the logistics of a relationship.I think of bf/ gf as something more serious where exclusivity just means you're no longer exploring other people as an option. However, me being exclusive with someone means I'm taking it seriously and that we're on a path towards the bf/gf relationship title. If we are exclusive, we are boyfriend/girlfriend in my opinion.You could be dating someone exclusively but still short term. If you asked my ex, he will say its the same thing. When I had been dating my boyfriend for a month I brought up the fact that I didn't have any interest in seeing anyone else but that I didn't want to pressure him either.However as long as you both agree to be exclusive, well isn’t that what really matters to you?The other day I had to remind my sister to update her Facebook status from "engaged" to "married." She was being a bit lackadaisical with letting her world know that she was officially hitched.

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If I ever try to change it, I think the whole system will break as the gears on my Facebook status are dry and rusty..a bat might fly out of there.

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