Is ann coulter dating a liberal

Whether it’s America’s shift to the right or the rise and rise of America’s motor-mouth, talk-show culture, or the popular rebellion against establishment media or the emergence of a new Republican babe-ocracy, Ann Coulter represents it all.

Her last book, Slander: Liberal Lies About The American Right, topped the non-fiction bestsellers’ list throughout the summer of 2002.When one Wisconsin newspaper, the Oshkosh Northwestern, ran three trial columns of Coulter’s, to see what readers made of her, she “generated more mail and calls than any other writer we’ve ever tested. There is no middle Ann ground.” Maybe there are plenty of provocative writers with a knack for arousing their readers to adoration or anger.Perhaps there are plenty of rightwing American pundits, filling their country’s radio and cable TV schedules with polemical bile. Some of the magic works in print, but it’s on TV–and in person–that you get the full experience.The sweeping extremism of her statements coupled with her consuming self-confidence: it’s a compulsive combination.Faced with a TV anchor, she doesn’t sit still or polite. One has ABC News’s Bob Woodruff jabbering, “Well, if it, if–if, in fact…” before Coulter pounces again. Like a train wreck or a prize fight, something about Ann Coulter makes you sit up and look.

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