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The MBTI instrument breaks down all human beings into 16 different personalities.Of course, in order to know if your and your date’s personality types will mesh well, you need to identify your own first.Both personality types have a lot in common like seeking a deep connection and having great communication.Both the ENFP and ESFJ love life and have similar perceptions of the world.

That helps keep the relationship between the two from ever getting dull! Always looking for the best in others, this stable and dependable personality often attracts and does well with others who are similar minded.Take this free online test to see which personality you are and enjoy getting to learn about the other personality types as well.Once you have a basic understanding of your own personality, it can be a lot of fun to see the other personalities that you may be compatible with.Both enjoy linear and logical thinking and pair well together because they can easily follow each other’s thoughts and streams of consciousness.Both the INTP and INTJ value theories and ideas which can lead to amazing conversations and pursuits in life when these two are thrown together.

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