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They pleaded not guilty last month to a 50-count indictment.Facing ouster from the NYPD, the two detectives resigned from the department in November. Chambers told her lawyer that a particularly browbeating cop spoke to her and her mother in their family’s native Russian at the hospital, all the while trying to cover the name tag on his uniform, the attorney said.That is potentially going to cause a problem for them, because if they’re intimidating somebody and they’re getting them to what we call “acquiesce to authority” that’s going to cause a problem if a good criminal lawyer files a motion to suppress to try and throw out the confession, let’s say, because the officer was using tactics that were intimidating. So, if they can’t use it as a matter of law, if they do use it, then the evidence that they uncover or obtain would be suppressible based upon the totality of the circumstances and the way in which they actually intimidated the person.

“They came with nine cops to intimidate her and her mom, to discourage them from coming forward and reporting the rape and sex assault,” Michael David, who represents the accuser, Anna Chambers, told The Post.DNA from Martins and Hall matched genetic material recovered from Chambers in the rape kit, sources have said. “To me, it’s almost as outrageous as the crime that you have cops trying to intimidate her not to report the crime, trying to protect fellow cops.” The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association declined to comment.David said he intends to add the aggressive officer from the hospital to the million notice of claim Chambers has filed against the city, and report the incident to the Civilian Complaint Review Board. When I posted this pic on my fb page, I received a nice little ‘note’ from my commander’s commander, who got his note from HQ, telling me that they weren’t ordering me to remove it, but basically, (in not so many words), ‘… Examples: Our department started putting the year of our graduation on a little rocker underneath our name tags. That being said, things can be taken a bit too far.

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