Interfaith relationships dating my best friend is dating my cousin

At the end of the day, for me it’s not an “interfaith relationship.” It’s just a relationship.And it’s not some wildly different experience dating someone not Jewish, because where it counts, he is: His values are made of compassion, justice, and kindness. So while the rabbinate may think our relationship is disgusting, invalid, or horrifying, I don’t care.So they broke up and got back together and broke up again. "My answer is not a very PC one," she tells me, but "I think the only way for interfaith couples to make it work is if both or one person in the couple are somewhat indifferent to their faith(s)."What do you do if you or your partner take your religion more seriously? A Hindu friend whose family wants her to marry a Hindu reports that she and her Muslim boyfriend deal with the God gap between them by not talking about it.Finally, they decided they were happier together than apart. But many interfaith couples take their rival religions seriously. But the way forward for most successful interfaith couples seems to be conversation rather than silence.The way forward for most couples is to explore the differences and then to learn to accept and perhaps even to celebrate them.

It’s that here, in America, my relationship is viewed as a sparkly goldfish in a bowl that no one wants to take home.

But there’s also Jews who leave the Jewish community for a variety of reasons, none to do with who they date. I will raise them knowing where they come from, who their family is, and what their history means.

Having a non-Jewish partner doesn’t mean not sharing values.

But opposites also attract, of course, including in the realm of religion.

Stephen Prothero, author of God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World—and Why Their Differences Matter, shares what he has learned about making interfaith relationships work.

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