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By analyzing single particles of light, this camera system can reconstruct room-size scenes and moving objects that are hidden around a corner.This work could someday help autonomous cars and robots ...The majority of soft robots today rely on external power and control, keeping them tethered to off-board systems or rigged with hard components.Now, researchers have developed soft robotic systems, ...A new strategy for designing light-sensitive proteins has been developed.Such proteins, also known as optogenetic tools, can be switched on and off through light impulses, thus triggering specific ...(As it's been said: You can't prevent a bird from landing on your head, but you Nobody enjoys negative feedback.But you know that criticism is a chance to learn, even if it's not delivered in the best way.

A newly created biologically inspired compound eye is helping scientists understand how insects use their compound eyes to sense an object and its trajectory with such speed. Using advanced experiments on neuronal cultures and large scale simulations, scientists have demonstrated a new type of ultrafast artificial intelligence algorithms -- based on the very slow brain ...Of course, bailing on an evening of Netflix with a friend will cause less harm than breaking a promise to your child or missing a major business deadline.Most people don't really care where you graduated from, or even about your previous accomplishments.But what about the hours you're willing to take out of your schedule to listen or help out?Your readiness to get down in the trenches and work alongside them?

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And even when it's unfounded, it gives you a window into how others think.

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  1. Going back to the good old questions, instead of asking him or her something dull such as “what did you eat for lunch? Ask “Why are you a cat person when everyone knows that dog people make better lovers? Nothing kills a conversation early on like pushing boundaries waaaay too far (like being outright mean or vulgar).