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Scam sites bury suspicious caveats in their terms of service that fundamentally absolve them from being sued for fraud. A site will offer ostensibly free membership but on a limited basis.For instance it will allow you to peruse member profiles but then if you want to send messages to any of the site members you will have to pay for membership.They get site employees, cam girls, or others to do it for them.These “girls” will lead you on and make you think that you’re talking to a real person who is interested in dating you, and then once you respond they either turn to stone, don’t reply, or ask you for your credit card so you can watch them strip.Circle jerks around the urinal seem to be the most popular activity here. It’s not such a great place for sex, but the volume of cock you can get a good glimpse at just can’t be beat – no pun intended.We all know that pretty well any unshielded public urinal is a potential place to find action, but this one is my personal favorite – for looking, at least.I still know a few people who come here sometimes, but it’s nothing like the cruising Eden it used to be.

I think queers have been cruising here since time immemorial, particularly during the safer hours of day when most of the students are in class.

Viger Park (Amherst and Viger) Dodge the cop ‘n’ gobble some cock is the name of the game here… Your best bet is under and around the bridge directly south of the park.

Just hang around outside The Circus or the Stereo – it’s like fishing in a barrel.

Walk up Mont-Royal Avenue to Camillien-Houde – you know that street that goes over the entire mountain, with the lookout halfway up it? Go up it just a little ways and when you come up to the big cement median, turn left into the woods.

If anything is happening on Mount Royal, this is where it’s going to be.

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What’s more, the Village’s afterhours clubs attract a mixed crowd and can be great for hot, anonymous “the-girlfriend-out-on-the-dancefloor-doesn’t-know” kind of sex with straight boys. West of the Village, the recently renovated Sauna 456 (456 de la Gauchetière W.) is without a doubt the place for glory holes, discreet heteros and the city’s finest porno films.

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