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The reality is, herpes is more of a nuisance than a life-ending problem.If you manage it, are open with your partners, you quickly discover that living and dating with herpes is virtually the same as without it. The medical community's conflicting methods of testing, and advice for those of us with it, has convinced everyone to think it’s the biggest problem. We understand some believe strongly in natural means to heal herpes on the site however, we try to avoid health statements that cannot be backed up medically.We are here to support each other with our experiences.She encouraged me to get retested at my next outbreak.

So, an STD that allegedly affects one in five Americans can only be tested with accuracy at ONE medical facility.I still have sex, I still date, I still eat cereal in my bed with no pants on. Anna Turner is a Thrillist contributor specializing in the ever-evolving world of sex, dating, and singledom.To follow her awkward adventures, check her out on her blog or follow her on Twitter: @pantsoptional11.For the next eight months, I'd be on a roller coaster of suffering through a painful viral outbreak, several conflicting diagnoses, and learning first-hand the ugly stigmas surrounding one of the the most prevalent STDs on the planet.A week after my doctor's visit, I got the results of my tests.

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Not only that, but a culture's accuracy decreases dramatically after the first 48 hours of the sores’ initial appearance, according to the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA).

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