Heat validating system catalog

Please note, it is still recommended that you receive factory calibration once per year, but performing it in house simplifies the process.

When it comes to 21CFR Part 11 compliance, if you are not compliant, you cannot use the data loggers and software, so it is imperative to know what regulations you need to meet and whether your software is compliant.

There is a requirement to perform As Found results before use in EO, because once the gasses have affected the sensor, you need to prove that it was in calibration the next time it is used, right before use.

Being able to do pre- and post-calibration on your own saves a lot of time and hassle.

Whether your needs call for equipment repair, calibration or process validation, Mesa’s Global Services team is uniquely qualified to provide you with specialized service, expert protocol development and execution and complete validation services to suit every need.

Autoclave customers processing for sterilization will need reporting capabilities to display pass or fail criteria for their process.Data loggers are designed to measure a wide variety of conditions and processes and selecting a proper data logger for a particular process can become somewhat challenging.As data loggers have evolved over time, their design has become much more specialized and their construction much more robust and customized.Autoclaves/steam sterilization, retort sterilization, dry heat ovens and tunnels, curing processes, food pasteurization and several other processes rely on accurate temperature measurements to ensure product/patient safety,…Details Getting accurate product temperature throughout an autoclave validation can be a difficult task but is imperative to calculating lethality within an autoclave cycle.

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View accessories Our starter kits consist of one MPRF data logger (temperature, pressure or humidity) a USB data logger interface and a software license code for Mesa’s powerful reporting software DT Pro.

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