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Drum kits were also made with the brand name "Tama".From 1966 however, it was decided no more build guitars for other companies.In 1908 Matsujiro Hoshino started a bookstore that sold books and sheet music as well musical instruments.From 1921, instruments from Europe and the USA were also imported, including classical guitars from the Spanish luthier Salvador Ibanez.Just in 1962 was Jumpei Hoshino decided to build his own guitars again.A new factory was built where now also amplifiers and electric guitarswere made.

(The serial numbers used here as examples are fictional) 19751986 Letter (AL) 6 digits Example: H770544 The letter represent the month of manufacture (A=January B=February...You usually find the serial number on the back of the headstock on a sticker or stamped on the headstock itself, or on the metal cover plate between the neck and the body.At acoustic guitars you will find the serial number stamped or written on the label in the hollow body, or stamped on the neck block inside the guitar.Because the request of guitars could no longer be met, Yoshitaro decided to build guitars themselve.Meanwhile, his four sons were also part of the venture and the company Hoshino Gakki was founded.

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