Glee cast members dating in real life

After Quinn debuted her engagement ring from her now hubby during the London Fashion Week, the actress and her musician-half have said to have completed their vows in Morocco.

Before these two tied the knot, she had dated many stars, and the list is actually shocking.

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Less than a month later, Michele herself was married, and Criss, Tobin, and Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. Clearly, this is a cast of people who still care deeply about one another.Some of these lucky guys included Dave Franco, Nicholas Hoult, and Sebastian Stan. This may surprise you, but Naya's love life is even crazier than her character's.Many of you may have heard about her relationship with Big Sean which ended in a huge scandal.A few days later, she filed for divorce and is now single.Heather Morris's love life is not in the media as much these days.

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  1. I guess he had a crush on you Christopher Knight: No, I didn't. In the house it was that she had a crush and I sort of half way through relented. At one point one of the producers said to me, "Well, perhaps she's not." I was absolutely certain that she was playing a game.