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For the vast majority of its athletes, they'll put years into their pursuit and never get near the level of iconography that the very best do. That's why a fighter needs to have a plan for their exit and for the time afterward.They'll give mind and body to become the best martial artists they can, quite often reaching unimaginable heights when the cage door closes. They retire—or perhaps are retired by a younger, hungrier fighter closing the loop and keeping the sport grinding forward—and are left without the buzz they craved for so long. While Conor Mc Gregor shrewdly sets himself up to live it up, there are veterans with Go Fund Mes looking to pay for some horrible surgery. For the first time in their lives, they're just another person in line at the grocery store or stuck in traffic, and it's a little shocking.But Mc Gregor is not, for once, in a class of his own, at least when it comes to planning life after fighting.During his career he was also known for taking a stand against UFC management, a position he still speaks on occasionally today.

His strength of schedule is second to none, mixing in title runs and one-night tournaments in a way the sport will never allow again.While her acting work—the main accomplishment she can boast outside the cage—has become more touch-and-go, she's still got plenty going on to warrant a pat on the back.She still has a film in production but also had a role in the television show that was initially a guest spot but may expand into something greater based on the response she got for her work.For his part, Fletcher once said he didn't want to end up as a "tired, old fighter," per Fox, like so many who had come before him.If that was the goal, it sure appears to have been accomplished as of this writing.

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