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Dáithí De Mórdha's article: The Scots Gaelic version of Motherfoclóir: The Scots Gaelic version of The Irish For: --- Contact the show at or email us at [email protected] He's not in the studio today, so Éimear and Gearóidín are running riot, throwing paper aeroplanes across the Headstuff classroom and talking loudly.

During her curation of the @motherfocloir account in January, Éimear asked Twitter followers to tell her what drove their interest in Irish under the hashtag #Why Irish. She tells Gearóidín all about it and the Duolingo classes and groups what were created on foot of it.

Gearóidín and Eimear explore the 1937 Constitution and in particular the provision that a woman's place is in the home.

Peadar and Eimear also chatted with Brianna about her Irish roots, Dublin accents and the heart-stopping terror an Irish person suffers when a deadly venomous spider falls from your ceiling.

Darach is back in studio this week, as he and Peadar begin the podcast by discussing the rising trend of Alt-Right Twitter trolls attempting to weaponise the Irish language.

There are also hedgehogs, handsome Norwegian architects and a man on the run from the law.

Ireland and Scotland have a lot in common, and this is especially true of Irish and Scots Gaelic.

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