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Lead your own life and dedicate a part of it to love.It’ll keep your love life more fun and exciting, and you’ll worry less about relationship insecurities.Two, if you do exchange a few glances with someone else, you’re not really cheating on your partner! Stop wondering about what you’ll do if your partner ever dumps you or what your lover does when they go out without you.Your partner fell in love with you for the great person that you are, remember that.On the other hand, your partner may change or reassure you but you may remain unconvinced no matter what your partner says or does until you feel better about the relationship yourself.Insecurity in a relationship can crop up for the most unobvious of reasons, but the most common reasons are when you feel your partner’s too good for you or if you think there are far too many people around you who are way better than you (and may steal your partner).Just mention that you don’t feel loved at times and explain a few examples when you did feel insecure.

Both of you are attracted to each other and love each other, so why would you want to snoop around or look for ways to catch your partner red handed.[Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship] Do you feel better?Once you voice your relationship insecurities, you may feel better.Really, why do you feel insecure in your relationship?One of the best ways to understand relationship insecurities is to understand the root cause of the problem.

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If your partner does love you, they’d try to reassure you and make you feel better.

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