Freddy and sam dating on icarly

However Carly gets revenge by telling Nevel's mother about what he did.Meanwhile, Spencer tries to make a sculpture out of butter.

Meanwhile, Gibby’s on a mission to break them up, Carly starts dating a super smart guy, and the gang create a web feed that ends up shutting down i Carly! Freddie and Sam are officially together, but involve Carly in every single fight!But it ends up that all the scary things that happened were just coincidences. Filing a report for their newest webcast, Carly and Freddie decide to spy on Ms. However, Sam does not follow Carly and Freddie to Ms Briggs' house while they spy on her.Meanwhile, Spencer forgets to buy Halloween candy, and angry children gang up on him. To avoid being caught, Carly and Freddie hide in Ms Briggs' closet, which reveals that she is obsessed with American Idol judge Randy Jackson.Carly discovers that she has a huge crush on Jake Krandale. In order to prevent this, Spencer tries to prove he is responsible enough to take care of her. "i Carly" is going to get reviewed by an eleven-year-old web critic named Nevel, but during his interview with Carly, he hits on her.After finding out that he sings, Carly invite him to perform on i Carly. She reacts by shoving food in his face, and he gives i Carly a bad review.

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*Guest Star - Michelle Obama Season 5, Episode 10 TV-G CC HD CC SD Carly gets her toe stuck in a bathtub right before she is supposed to leave for a date.

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