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We’ve stayed close and a core of about ten of them just graduated so I was on the phone with them the day they were heading to graduation.I never really thought about education as a career and while I was teaching I was so burned out by the experience, but I’m surprised by how passionate I feel about my experience on the whole.Then you have to do a phone interview, and then you go in for a full-day interview where you have to teach a five-minute lesson in front of a group of 11 or 12 people.When I was applying, there were 31 regions (large areas that included multiple cities, so for example the Bay Area region includes everything from San Jose to Oakland) and you had to rank each of them as well as the subjects and ages you wanted to teach.Doing the five-minute sample lesson was really nerve-wracking, too, but it’s the ultimate test. I think overall it’s a long process and a lot of steps, but there’s a reason why something like 99% of teachers end up sticking with it.

I was also surprised by the total juxtaposition of life in Oakland to San Francisco.

Tell me a little bit about the Teach For America application process.

How long did it take and were there any unexpected surprises along the way?

What are you dreading the most about joining the workforce?

If it’s the idea of having someone constantly watch over you or the threat of not having creative input—and you also happen to be passionate about education—you might want to consider joining Teach For America.

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