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The wiki contains pages on subjects like independent film, comic book-based movies and blockbusters.

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Founded in 2006, Flixster has more than 15 million unique monthly visitors who've provided almost two billion movie ratings [source: Flixster].

film service Flixster is now available on the Xbox 360, bringing with it the Rotten Tomatoes rating aggregation service and Ultra Violet cloud integration.The most recent rumors involve an HDMI-in port, allowing cable boxes to integrate with the console -- codenamed "Durango" and / or "Kryptos" -- but there's no mention of a Nintendo TVii-esque service to tie disparate video services under a single software umbrella.The 360's Bing functionality aimed to solve that issue, but sadly never lived up to our expectations.SPECIAL DIRECTOR'S CUT AVAILABLE ONLY IN SELECT THEATERS THIS WEEK!A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival.

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