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Instead of chaining multiple mixins in a single @apply call, you have to separate them. android,ios,actionscript-3,flex,air-native-extension If you have an ANE that only supports Android it won't be available at all when run in Ios (same is true for Ios).this means the following code snippet: .header becomes: .header { @apply(--layout-horizontal);... Item(i, 2) = "*" Next i End Sub where quantity is stored in the second column of Data Grid1 control. asp.net,vb.net,gridview,datagrid,footable Even if it's harder to implement the Foo Table plugin with the Data Grid than with a Grid View, it does not means it's not possible. I had to add a On Property Changed("Identification Company Type"); into the setter of the Identification Company Type in the Identification class. If it has a default implementation its classes will be available but if it doesn't then its classes will just not exist in that scope and...

html,css,flex Remove height: 100%; from .second Col .inner Flex, its container has no height set so the browser does not know how high 100% should be Add display: flex; .second Col this will allow .inner Flex to fill its available height body p .wrapper... wpf,datagrid,autocomplete Due to the way Data Grid Columns are implemented, binding to parent viewmodels are always problematic.

Both methods [Return] a rectangle that defines the boundary of the display object, based on the coordinate system defined by the target Coordinate Space parameter The difference between them is: The get Bounds() method is similar to the get Rect() method; however, the... User Event", selector="load User")] public function handle Result(result: Object):void OR [Command Result(selector="load User")] public function handle Result(result: Object, trigger: User Event):void Now this fires, I get an Object with my data in, resolved....

c#,sql,linq,binding,datagrid If you want to create a "pivot table" from your database table to bind to a grid view, the easiest way I know of is to use a Data Table as the binding source and use a LINQ query to get the information to populate it. c#,wpf,linq,datagrid Here is the solution that works: private void tab Control Organizer_Selection Changed(object sender, Selection Changed Event Args e) { if (tab Control Organizer. winapi,flex,air First you have to make sure that the main window does not have the WS_EX_LAYERED Windows style.

c#,.net,wpf,datagrid,wpfdatagrid Data Grid Columns are not Framework Elements so they do not have a Context Menu.

Since you want to do this all in code behind specifying a data template for the column can be a pain (IMHO).

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